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If you have any question or any problem with the reports received, or about Venus Group in this page you will find the answer:

  • Use Terms & Conditions
  • I lost my Ticket Number
  • I only want to get Free Astrological Reports
  • I have received no response from Venus Group
  • Problems accessing the reports
  • I haven't received my reports
  • I forgot or lost my ID or password
  • How can I get all reports types ?
  • Where can I send a donation
  • Members missing in my compatibility list
  • Programs used for making our reports
  • I want to meet compatible persons via e-mail.
  • My question is not answered here. What can I do?

  • I haven't received any answer from Venus Group

    At the same time that you submit a form to Venus Group , a message is automatically sent to your e-mail. You should receive this message within minutes or at most in one hour.
    If you have sent your form and you have not received any answer after one day, your e-mail has not been verified as valid.

    Although it very seldom happens, it is possible that due to temporal mail servers errors some forms may have got lost.
    The other posibility is that you made a spelling mistake when sending your e-mail address.
    We are sorry but the only solution is to fill in and resend your Request for free reports. Since we do not have a valid address, we cannot communicate with you.
    Thanks for your patience.

    I haven't received the reports or there is an error in my birth data

    Problems accessing the reports:
    After requesting your Free Astrological Reports via e-mail, you will receive our e-mail with an address (URL Link) like this:

    This address will serve you to confirm and access your Free Reports. You must open the address twice:

    1 - The first within 48 hours to confirm your request.
    2 - The second after 5 days to access your Astrology Reports.

    Usually by clicking on the URL wiil open a window in your browser. If this does not work copy or type the address directly in your browser.

    If any report is incomplete or with wrong birth data the only solution is to fill in and submit again the Free Reports Form

    Send a donation

    If you want to help this service to continue, you can make a donation to Venus Group on this page.

    Missing members in my Compatibility List

    Every day new members join to Venus Group who can take the place of old members less compatible.
    A member may desappear of your List for many reasons:
    1 - The member cancel their registration in Venus Group.
    2 - The member modify their selection criteria, then it is possible that you are no more what she/he is looking for.
    3 - Also if you modify your selection criteria, it is possible that some member of your List are no more what you're looking for.
    4 - A member has joined who is more compatible than the last member of your old List.

    I forgot or lost my Member ID

    Identifying yourself in Grupo Venus is based on an ID and Password.
    If you forgot or lost your ID or Password, select "Password recovery"
    on this page and you will receive it by e-mail within minutes.

    My question is not answered here. What can I do?

    If you have questions not covered here, please get in touch with us by email.

    Programs used for making our reports

    Venus Group reports are generated by using a computer program.
    No matter how good it is, an astrology report done with the help of computer, can never substitute for personal consultation with an experienced professional astrologer.
    Astrological Reports made with a computer are based on two components:
    - The astrological text that serves as the basis for each type of report.
    - The computer program used for calculating and preparing the report.

    Venus Group offer texts written by professional astrologers with great human quality.
    At technical level, the program used by Grupo Venus to calculate and interpretation has a similar level of complexity to the Kepler program.

    None of our reports can make a comprehensive synthesis of your personality. Our reports give REAL pieces of information based on the positions of the planets in your chart, but they are unable to link these fragments together.
    Because of this you may see contradictions between different paragraphs of the same report.
    Do not believe everything you read, do not take nothing "exactly".
    The paragraphs of the report will talk about trends in your personality, just that, trends you can always modify or soften with age or with your own capacity for self-transformation.
    Synthesize, relate, resolve contradictions and focus globally a natal chart is a complex task that must be done by professional astrologers intuitive and very experienced.
    Astrology is not an exact science and maybe the perfect interpretation does not exist.

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